Work Samples

Paper Title: The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Cultivating and Sustaining Civility

Document Type: Essay Paper

Paper Format: APA

The sample entails a nursing essay written by an expert writer at The essay is on the role of nurse practitioners in cultivating and sustaining civility. Nurse practitioners play a crucial role in cultivating and sustaining civility within healthcare settings. Advanced practice registered nurses possess the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care while promoting a culture of respect and professionalism. By serving as role models, nurse practitioners can inspire their colleagues to embrace civility, leading to improved patient outcomes and a positive work environment. Additionally, nurse practitioners are well-equipped to address conflicts and promote effective communication among healthcare team members, fostering collaboration and enhancing patient care delivery. 

Paper Title: Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

Document Type: SOAP Note

Paper Format: APA

The sample contains a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is a thorough assessment conducted by a mental health professional to gather detailed information about an individual’s mental health, emotional well-being, and overall functioning. The evaluation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s symptoms, history, and current psychological state in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. 

Paper Title: Discussion Post

Document Type: Discussion Post

Paper Format: APA

The sample consists of a discussion post written by one of our expert writers. A discussion post is a written response or comment that contributes to an online conversation or forum. It allows individuals to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas on a specific topic or question, fostering an interactive and collaborative learning environment. Discussion posts often encourage critical thinking, analysis, and respectful dialogue among participants. 

Paper Title: Lebron James

Document Type: Research Paper

Paper Format: APA

The sample is an illustration of a research paper written by an expert writer at The research paper, which is on Lebron James, provides a comprehensive analysis of his career, highlighting his achievements, impact on the game of basketball, and his influence off the court. It delves into his early life, and rise to stardom, and examines the various teams he played for throughout his career. Additionally, the paper explores his philanthropic endeavors and the lasting legacy he has created as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.  

Paper Title: Nike’s and Adidas’ Marketing Strategy and Corporate Responsibility

Document Type: Business Essay

Paper Format: APA

The sample is an illustration of a business essay. The essay is on Nike and Adidas and their corporate responsibility. In recent years, corporate responsibility has become a crucial aspect for businesses worldwide. This essay aims to analyze and compare the corporate responsibility practices of two renowned sportswear giants, Nike and Adidas. By examining their approaches towards sustainability, labor conditions, and community engagement, we can gain valuable insights into how these industry leaders are addressing their social and environmental impact. 

Paper Title: Statement of Purpose

Document Type: Statement of Purpose

Paper Format: APA

The sample entails a statement of purpose, which is a concise and compelling description of an individual’s goals and aspirations. It is typically included in applications for educational programs or job opportunities, showcasing one’s motivation, qualifications, and future plans. A well-crafted statement of purpose not only highlights the applicant’s unique qualities but also demonstrates their understanding of the program or position they are applying for. 

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